Leather Cleaning, Conditioning & Refinishing

Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

Leather, suede and shearling garments are cleaned in fats, oils and mild detergents, leaving skins soft and supple. Soft and delicate skins are cleaned by hand to maintain texture and color.

Leather Refinishing

Most leathers and some shearlings can be refinished after the cleaning and conditioning process. Refinishing restores color to worn and faded areas.

Leather Refinishing - Before
Leather Refinishing - After


Shearling Coat Cleaning - BeforeShearling Coat Cleaning - AfterLoro Piana Horsey Jacket CleaningLoro Piana Horsey Jacket Cleaning & Refinishing - Collar DetailLeather Coat Cleaning & Refinishing - AfterLeather Coat Cleaning & Refinishing - AfterShearling Coat Cleaning - AfterShearling Coat Cleaning - AfterLeather Jacket Stain - BeforeLeather Jacket Stain - AfterBlack Leather Jacket - BeforeBlack Leather Jacket - AfterSilk Suede Dress - BeforeSilk Suede Dress - After