Fur Repairs, Alterations & Restyling

Fur Repairs

Without A Trace will inspect your fur and check the seams, particularly at the shoulders, front, closure and pockets; check the lining at the neck and sleeve and the entire back area where the coat receives the most wear.
Rips and tears are the most common repairs and require our furriers to open the lining of the garment and reinforce the form area and sew it back up.

The repair won’t be visible from the outside of the garment.

In some cases where a spot has been rubbed bare or hair has been torn from the leather, we can patch in a matching piece of fur that is very hard for the eye to detect.

We always call you first with an estimate before doing any repairs.

Fur Alterations & Restyling

When your favorite fur becomes outdated, a new and modern look may be obtained through our remodeling services.
Many older coats can be made into beautiful sheared jackets, linings for new fur-lined designs or cashmere trimmed garments at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new coat. We use the finest imported fabrics from Italy. Shearing your old furs make them look new again, while looking great at the same time.

Remaking your old furs is economical way to get further use out of an out dated design. Our expert furriers will show you the latest fashions and give you expert suggestions as to how your old fur can give you many continued years of use. When your favorite fur becomes outdated, call Without A Trace for expert remodeling!

If your fur is too tight on now and it’s been years since you bought it. We can release the garment in the body, sleeves or shoulder area. With age the human body compacts upon the spine and the shoulder blades and hips get broader, even though you may still weigh the same. We can let out 2 inches across the back, 2 inches across the bust, drop the armholes an inch or more. We can shorten the length and restyle the body to a shape more becoming like a jacket or stroller as well. We can also alter the collar or sleeve in a simple manner so that it brings the garment into a more contemporary style.

To schedule a fitting with a tailor, please call us at (773) 588-4922. Not in the Chicago area? You can ship your fur to us for alterations. Please email or call us at (800) 475-4922 to discuss the work.