April 18 @ Without A Trace

Pondering is a quiet moment.  At some point, we all ponder life.  You may for a split second ponder about the weather.  Pondering about the weather can take many, many forms.  For instance; we ponder about what our work day will be like caught in the rain as well as that dessert & calories we passed up the day before at that great restaurant in Wicker Park.  Of course we all ponder about what we should have said at the right moment but without doubt we all ponder in the morning.

That eternal question in the morning, “What do I wear today?”

You might not be that fussy.  You probably look good in everything you wear.  You are carefree as you fan through the colors in your closet making a very quick decision.  You are lucky.

For the rest of us, who face a quandary of questions so early in the a.m. as to feel like we are taking a college exam, have pity on us.  In our closets colors fly, decisions are second guessed and horror can ensue when we find that special piece of clothing that just feels right.  You know what I’m talking about.
It fits right, you look good and compliments will ensue.  So out of the closet it comes with all the anticipation of a beautiful day, then it happens, an early morning disappointment in your life.  There is a hole.  Nasty and starring  back at you.

At this point, we recommend to enable feeling great the rest of your day you should take the article of clothing and place it in a bag.  Stop looking at it, it’s depressing.  Then get your garment to one of our stores either on Bryn Mawr Avenue on the Northside or on Walton just west of Michigan Avenue.

As soon as you enter our store we will give you a prognosis on the condition of your garment and if we can resuscitate it to it’s near original beauty.  If you like what we suggest we will immediately offer your garment tender loving care and feed it original threads found within the garment itself.  Soon any holes or tears seem to vanish like they were never there.  Happiness.

Think of Without A Trace as a group of folks you can count on to make the morning right again.

Our Services


Using the lost arts of French weaving, inweaving and reknitting, we return damaged clothing to its original condition. Any garment can be ruined by even the smallest of holes or tears. Patching or sewing over the damaged area has never been a subtle repair, leaving the garment ruined. Consider the only true repair alternative for your valuable clothing: reweaving.

Reweaving, also known as invisible mending, is an old-world skill of intricate hand weaving, practically becoming extinct as more businesses turn toward today’s technology. As one of only a handful of reweaving establishments in the entire United States, Without A Trace leads the reweaving field in quality and service with years of expertise.

Leather, Suede & Shearling

Without A Trace knows the proper approach for cleaning your leather, suede and shearling garments. It is not unusual for us to spend several hours per piece. Our expert tailors take great care in repairs and alterations. We can also protect your leather, suede and shearling garments with our stainguard treatment. We pride ourselves on many years of experience on the most expensive garments in the fashion industry. Just listen to what Penn Jillette has to say about our service.  We had no idea it was his leather jacket from the 70’s.


We are experts in fur cleaning and glazing, as well as repairs, alterations and restyling. Furs are cleaned delicately in powders and glazed to restore their luster. We replace linings, hooks and eyes and European hooks. Extend the life of your fur by storing it in our climate-controlled vault. We offer free pick up and delivery for fur storage in the Chicago area, or you can ship to us from anywhere in the country.

Purses & Handbags

Keep your favorite purse in service with cleaning and repair. Purses are cleaned delicately by hand to maintain finish, shape and hardware. Leather purses can be refinished to cover light wear. Replace worn lining, fix broken straps, replace zippers and repair damage to add years to your purse’s life. Consider stainguarding your new purse to protect against water spotting and stains.

Ugg Boots

Nothing takes a beating during an average winter like your favorite boots. We specialize in cleaning Ugg-style shearling boots, removing months of dirt and salt buildup, and conditioning the skins to help maintain their softness. After cleaning, boots are stainguarded free of charge.

Custom Fur Headbands

Add a warm and stylish fur headband to your winter ensemble. A variety of styles and sizes are available.

Recent Posts

Chicago Fur Cleaning & Storage

It’s time to clean and store your fur coat! Cleaning, glazing and storage is $85. Storage-only is $65. Free pick up and delivery, or drop off at either of our Chicago locations.

Best of Chicago 2015 – Best Reweaver

Without A Trace was selected by Chicago Magazine as a winner for Best Reweaver. Thanks for the recognition! It’s been a pleasure serving Chicago’s reweaving and leather needs for over 30 years. If you discovered us through Chicago Magazine, don’t hesitate to stop by one of our locations or give us a call with any questions. If you have an out of town friend that you think may be in need of our services, they can ship to us from anywhere!