Designer Handbag Repair

Designer handbags are well-made assets of your wardrobe that receive the same wear and tear as any of your other handbags.

Without A Trace is now offering a white-glove repair and reconditioning of your designer handbag. Our staff will carefully go over every visible and unseen area of your handbag to assess the vitality of the seams and the supporting materials.

As you can see from the samples below, we offer a scope of work to repair hardware as well as leather and other materials.

This designer bag came to us with a broken handle and worn piping with cut stitching and represented itself as very worn.
All white handles, trim, attachments, piping have all been replaced. New stitching, brass and liner.
Before After

  handbag repair


Before With stains                                                  After Stains removed before conditioning.

Most stains in leather can be removed. We will then recondition your handbag softening
and giving the material a sheen.


Before Corner piping is damaged.                           After Corner piping is replaced.

Leather piping can be replaced giving your bag a timeless look of fine grain leather.

Call and talk to one of the staff about your handbag, your concerns, and the next step.
This service is for designer handbags whose value exceeds the capabilities of most leather
shops. Without A Trace has been repairing handbags since 2009 and has since excelled creating
the best possible solutions/repair available.

Call us at (800) 475-4922 for a free consultation or use our Shipping Forms
and send your 
handbag to us for an estimate.