Cosmetics Are A Girl’s Best Friend & A Designers Handbag Nightmare

My day is busy from the moment I get up in the morning, sometimes awake before the sun and home at midnight after a crazy day in the office. This schedule of mine is not new and my dedicated assistant that I need to function daily is my Coach bag.

My Assistants

My Coach Signature Chain Duffle designer bag is more than a friend it’s a lifesaver. I cannot imagine life without my Coach. My Chanel Caviar Quilted Medallion Tote or my Givenchy Medium Antiogona bag don’t compare. My Coach bag is always handy without the awkward moment of having to dig through my bag for my lipstick or my secret stash of Godiva chocolate. No other bag holds everything I need like my Coach bag. I sometimes have to carry a file folder for business and there is plenty of room if I do not want to drag a briefcase along.

I need my bag to carry anything personal without having to give it a second thought. Give up my hairbrush? My cosmetics?  Are you serious, darling?  Men enjoy a freedom in business that women do not enjoy. Men could almost look a little rough before a meeting and it can be perceived as part of their male musk, a tincture of their carefree grasp of business and the world.  That male macho drumbeat can be powerful but businesswomen have a power like no other.

Are You A Business woman?

I think every woman in business reading this article will agree when I say women have a bigger chain to carry, a pressure to look excellent no matter what. Perfection; we are held to a higher standard.

Don’t misunderstand – I believe that the top bar for women makes us more flexible and powerful.

Women are the strongest of all species and to play the part, I like to look and feel my best. While some counterparts don’t aim for a state of perfection, it doesn’t bother me. To each their own.

As hard as I try, there is always something that can put a kink in my outfit plans.  Like Murphy’s Law, something will happen if it can. In silent preparation for the day, I always carefully look over my outfit to make sure my handbag is loaded with what the next day requires.

Like a driver’s side mirror on a Jaguar not working, a button popping off of my business suit can be very costly and disruptive. So, I carry a small pack with a needle & thread for emergencies. Maybe I am taking it a bit too far but I like to be prepared.  I am experienced at this preparation and realize the load of the bag increases and it performs amazingly but the worst is yet to come.

What I Carry

Beside my wallet, hairbrush, a tie-back for my hair, my calendar, pens and my late husband’s watch (I loved him so), I carry cosmetics. Not a lot but enough for a small do-over if I find myself in a pinch for time.  I carry nail polish, an emery board, foundation, concealer, lipstick, gloss, eyeliner and blush.  Don’t forget the chapstick, although chapstick creates another problem. 

Cosmetics can be a girl’s best friend but a designer handbag’s nightmare is very much the truth.

handbag repair of liners by
Cosmetics can ruin a good liner in an expensive handbag.

The worst malady is when I am rushed and I throw my lipstick into my bag while still uncovered.  This is the worst thing I can do since the lipstick finds it’s own way around my bag’s lining, occasionally staining it. If I’m in a rush and a lid falls off of my blush or concealer I have another problem. I like perfection but feeling messy or like a ‘slob’ gave me a disheveled feeling.  It’s terrible if this happens before a meeting. It can really take a toll on your attitude.

Can I ever recover from cosmetic stains on my Coach or Chanel designer bag?  Financially and mentally?

Looking for Confidence

Is there a way for me to bring back my confidence and walk into the next meeting unabashed and taking control like my male counterparts?

My secret to keeping my handbags perfect is utilizing the one service I have found that has high standards in repair to get the job done without surprises. I am not talking about a career coach or someone that whispers truths about your personality for self-realization. I am talking about the folks who not only make sure my bespoke suits look great but that my designer handbags look clean, shiny and are suitable accessories to my business outfit. 

My last bag was a workhorse and I piled my office into it.  It was early in my career and I was always on the go.  It lasted two years and remembering what it looked like is embarrassing. Beside the cosmetic stains the piping was falling apart, the zipper had separated at one end and a flap was lifting up threatening me to get it fixed.

My Secret

Well, I just got my Coach bag back from Without A Trace in Chicago last week and it was perfect.

The liners cosmetic stains are gone, the liner is now leather.  Smashed lipstick is no match for the old-world skills that Without A Trace Weavers possesses when cleaning handbags.   

Their work is so unique that I have recommended them many times to others to bring a second life to designer handbags. Michael Ehrlich the owner has replaced broken handles for me with perfect matches to the original.  The service is really a lifesaver considering these handbags usually start at $350 and some $5000 and up. Zippers, buckles, snaps, piping, feet, Michael has replaced it all for me.  Without A Trace boasts they are artisanal leather experts, and the claim is true!

I started having the inside liner replaced after I read an article about the inside of women’s handbags being a breeding ground for bacteria. While not a surprise, I was disgusted leading me to get my bags cleaned regularly, at least once a year. I admit I regularly send my bags to Without A Trace Weavers just to clean the lining or replace it completely. Michael has called me to discuss other improvements like when handles should be replaced before they break or a warning that a zipper may stop working soon. Usually he will give me their estimate in the same call to save my time. I love businesses that put me first.

My opinion: Try Without a Trace Weavers’ handbag repair service and please recommend them to friends. A clean structured designer handbag is a must for any woman who wants to perfect her image in business meetings and beyond.