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Reweaving is a specialized skill for repairing holes and tears in damaged garments.
It involves hand weaving thread strands into the garmentís damaged area, creating virtually invisible repairs.

Each worker wears magnifying glass plates while working with small needles and thread to reweave the damaged area. Stitch by stitch the reweaver replicates the garments original structure rendering the damaged area undetectable.

There are three distinct methods of reweaving.
Depending on the size and condition of the damaged area, and the fabric to be worked on, one of the following methods is applied:

  1. French Reweave
    Also known as the Invisible Weave, this technique is done on select fabrics with small tears, holes and burns. Individual thread strands from hidden areas, such as a cuff or inseam, are actually woven together by hand. This creates new fabric as it closes the hole and the repair is virtually indistinguishable from the surrounding fabric. Some fabrics, such as gabardine, donít always lend to completely invisible results. Anticipated results will be discussed before attempting the weaving.

  2. Inweaving
    For larger tears, and when the French reweave is not practical. The reweaver cuts a patch of hidden fabric and places it over the damaged area, matching the fabricís pattern. The frayed edges are then hand woven into the material. The edges of the repair are invisible to the eye.

  3. Reknitting
    Similar to the French weave, this involves taking hidden strands from sweaters, double knits and wool knits and knitting them into the damaged area. Intricate care is taken in matching the garmentís knit pattern and style.
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