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Leather Care Services Chicago
Leather Jacket Repair

It would seem that leather jacket repair is an exceedingly difficult task, when compared to the much more common practice of cotton alterations. It requires a level of concentration that is only acquired through experience. For more than two decades, we have built our reputation on reliable leather repair and restoration.

In this business, our work speaks for itself. There is no substitute for quality. Repairs can look fantastic when they are finished, but they mean nothing if the restoration doesn't last. It is the balance of flawlessness and rugged durability that show the mark of quality restoration. Our clients are routinely awed when they see what we've done to their leather garments, and greatly appreciative when, years down the line, the repairs still look great.

Customized Leather Solutions
The prospect of finding a new leather jacket is daunting. If you find yourself saying, "What I want is a jacket just like my old one," it makes the most sense, both financially and emotionally, to pursue leather restoration services here at Without A Trace. Not only will it save you money (potentially hundreds of dollars), but after we have revitalized your leather jacket, it will feel new again to you.

We have a variety of services, from area damage restoration (like the worn out lining of an arm cuff or a stretched out seam in the armpit) to general cleaning. We also offer re-dyeing and glossing / glazing services, processes which inject life into a tired (but very comfortable) leather ensemble.

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