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Leather Care Services Chicago
Jacket Repair

Why send your jacket to us when there are probably local repair outlets closer by? Our customers hail from thousands of miles away, but distance means nothing compared to world-class service. Our clients realize that no company can provide the same level of comprehensive and reliable jacket repair service as Without A Trace. We stake our growing reputation of over 20 years and tens of thousands of jackets and furs on it.

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Jackets are like fine wine: they improve with age. However, also like wine, they need to be maintained and stored properly. You wouldn't store expensive wine at an inappropriate temperature, and you shouldn't leave your leather jacket unprotected.

Leather dries out--this is an inexorable fact. But, properly maintained, your leather jacket can remain soft and durable. If you are thinking of sending your jacket to us to be repaired, it is a good opportunity to have it cleaned and stain guarded as well. We suggest that, depending on how exposed your jacket is to the elements, that you have it cleaned on average once a year. Seldom use warrants less maintenance, and motorcycle jackets require at least bi-annual cleaning.

It is true that your other clothes don't merit regular maintenance, but your leather jacket is no ordinary piece of clothing. Apart from its usefulness, it is (whether you believe it or not) an extension of your personality. Keep it nice, and contact us for your garment repair needs. In addition to superior care, we keep you well-informed of what we're doing. If, during the repair process, we find other areas of need, we will not do a thing until you are notified and you give us the word to proceed.

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