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Leather Care Services Chicago
Coat Repair

If you are in dire need of coat repair, we host a number of proven methods to mend and restore garments made from the most delicate of materials. Leather, in particular, demands maintenance and occasional restoration. Leather restoration and repair services are necessities, but are well worth it in the end.

Take shearling, for instance. Shearling is a type of leather that is luxurious, very warm, and relatively thin. Popularized in the American West, shearling provides warmth and flexibility like no other leather can. It is a delicate leather, however, and easily stained. Without A Trace has restored thousands of shearling jackets with our signature 11-step coating process.

Don't Underestimate Old Man Winter
Let's face it: your jacket is your first line of defense against the winter. And it isn't just protection from wind, but sleet, sludge, and road salt as well. Overtime, these elements can do a number on the integrity of your leather coat, and that is where we come in. Many of our customers, in addition to cleaning, need repair to one particular area. We can hand-patch damage from a stain, rip or tear, or even an open flame.

Our job is to repair your coat so that the damage is not only fixed, but undetectable. The secret is reweaving, an ancient process that we perform by hand. Unfortunately, many repair services automate this process, or skip steps to decrease labor time. We realize that being meticulous is what keeps our customers coming back for all of their leather repair needs.

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